Gary Shane's
Boston Rock Art Gallery

Asa Brebner

Guitar Maker

In the course of his career, Asa has provided the backbone for a half dozen genuinely important bands
and a slew of bands in between, and has been a sideman in more projects than he can count.

Asa Brebner grew up in Boston, the only child of two writers, and learned guitar from listening to R&B,
the Rolling Stones, and odd-ball blues records. In 1974 Asa started the Mezz - the band convinced
the owner of a Kenmore Square bar called the Rathskeller to let them play. Thus began the
"Years of the Rat", the club that became a center for what was later dubbed punk rock. Only two years
later, Jonathan Richman convinced Asa to join the reformed Modern Lovers, just in time for their first
tour of Europe, and before long, Asa was playing in European concert halls to fans from Sid Vicious
to Mick Jagger.